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12 Apr 2019
14 Jun 2016

BARK 1987ish

Bark was a riff rock band that was together from sometime in 1986 to early 1988. For our second show, we opened for the Ramones, and soon after we broke up. Too much partying, and too much arguing. This was our only recording. It was recorded to a Tascam 38 1/2″ 8-track machine.  We recorded the basic tracks,  then Pete, Jimi and I, while partying heavily, rolled tape from the start without stoping, to record some scratch vocals. We didn’t have all the lyrics written yet. Unfortunately, we […]

16 May 2016

NMS 94

A Visit to KISW in 1994, New Music Showcase with Damon Stewart In 1994 I went to visit my friend Damon Stewart at KISW 99.9 FM to talk about my studio and the bands I had been working with. Here is the 40 minute interview. I showcased many bands, and also played a demo song by my buddy Dave that had no name yet, later it was  called “I’ll Stick around.  It was the first time a Foo Fighters song was played on the radio, although the […]

07 Apr 2016

Producer Reel 2005

Welcome to the interwebs portal for Laundry Room Studio! Please enjoy and sign up here for future live shows! Producer Reel from 2005! Foo Fighters: Ill-Stick-Around I Am The Avalanche: Green-Eyes I Am The Avalanche: Always I Am The Avalanche: New-Disaster Set Your Goals: To Be Continued Fall Of Troy: F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X Fall Of Troy: Act-One-Scene-One Kisschassy: Do-Dos-Woah-Ohs Visqueen: Forgive Me UHF: Need-You-Around Evermore: Without-Your-Smile Evermore: Too-Late Dover: DJ The Presidents of The United States of America: Kitty Nirvana: Return-of-The-Rat Nirvana: […]